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Printing campaign
Printing campaign
Action period 01-07-2021 - 30-09-2021
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Buy the selected Zebra Printers from Ingram Micro and receive Planet DC/POS stars per product you buy during the whole period of the campaign. The amount of stars you receive depends on the product, checkout the list below to see how many stars you can earn per product.

Your earned stars will be automatically added to your Planet DC/POS account. Once you have collected enough stars, it’s time to spend them on your favorite prizes from our extensive gift catalogue.

IM SKU VPN Product Family Stars
V363537 GX42-202421-000 GX420d 40
V363504 GX42-202520-000 GX420d 30
V363374 GX43-102420-000 GX430t 50
V368792 ZD42042-T0E000EZ ZD420 25
V368795 ZD42042-T0EW02EZ ZD420 35
V368829 ZD42043-T0E000EZ ZD420 30
V369378 ZD42H42-T0EE00EZ ZD420 35
V36F154 ZD4A042-30EE00EZ ZD421 30
V36F155 ZD4A042-30EM00EZ ZD421 25
CA98384 ZD4A042-C0EE00EZ ZD421 30
V36F158 ZD4A042-D0EM00EZ ZD421 20
V36F169 ZD6A042-30EF00EZ ZD621 35
V36F185 ZD6A042-32EF00EZ ZD621 45
V36F186 ZD6A042-D0EF00EZ ZD621 30
V36F189 ZD6A042-D2EF00EZ ZD621 40
V36F192 ZD6A043-30EF00EZ ZD621 40
V36F194 ZD6A043-31EF00EZ ZD621 40
V36F171 ZD6A142-30EL02EZ ZD621 50
V36F173 ZD6A142-31EL02EZ ZD621 50
V36F207 ZD6A143-D0EL02EZ ZD621 45
V36B895 ZQ22-A0E01KE-00 ZQ220 20
V36A008 ZQ31-A0W01RE-00 ZQ310 30
V368892 ZQ32-A0E02TE-00 ZQ320 25
V36A345 ZQ61-HUFAE00-00 ZQ610 50
V36A346 ZQ61-HUWAE00-00 ZQ610 60
V36C556 ZT41142-T3E0000Z ZT411 100
V36C557 ZT41142-T4E0000Z ZT411 110
V36C559 ZT41143-T0E00C0Z ZT411R 180

Terms and conditions:

- This campaign is only valid for Ingram Micro partners registered on Planet DC/POS

- The campaign period is from 01/07/2021 until 30/09/2021

- Only order placed and invoiced at Ingram Micro for the selected products count

- Project registrations using price concessions are excluded from receiving stars

- Ingram Micro reserves the right to change, remove or end this campaign at any given time