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Zebra MCD Campaign
Zebra MCD Campaign
Action period 01-01-2021 - 31-03-2021
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Buy the products below and you will receive between 50-120 stars per product.
Place your favorite product in the Dreamzone and you will receive an email as soon as you have enough stars for it
Have collected your desired product.

Ingram Micro Sku VPN Product Stars
V358551 MC92N0-GP0SXERA5WR MC92 80
V369154 MC330K-GE3HA3RW MC330 80
V36A612 TC57HO-1PEZU4P-A6 TC57 80
V36A443 TC720L-0ME24B0-A6 TC720 100
V36A444 TC77HL-5ME24BG-A6 TC77 80
V358376 HS3100-OTH HS3100 50
V36A445 PS20J-P4G1A600 PS20 80
V36B409 MC930B-GSEDG4RW MC930 120
V36B732 MC930B-GSECG4RW MC930 120
V36C062 EC300K-1SA2AA6 EC300 80
V36B322 TC83B0-3005A510RW TC83 120
V36B139 WT60A0-TX2NEWR WT60 120
V354565 RS419-HP2000FSR RS419 70
V36A534 TC520K-1PEZU4P-A6 TC52 50
V358583 KT-TC51-TRG1-01 KT-TC51 50
V36D630 TC210K-01A222-A6 TC21 80
V36D826 TC26BK-11A222-A6 TC26 80
V36E129 TC57HO-1XFMU6P-A6 TC57 50

Terms and conditions: 

- The campaigns action period is from 01.01.2021 – 31.03.2021
- Only placed and invoiced orders in this period of the products mentioned above count.
- The stars will be added automatically latest 2 weeks after the end of the campaign to your profile.
- Please note that project registrations are excluded.